10 Ways In Which I Take on the Pope Over Christmas

I almost never talk about religion on Square Pennies, but I'm making an exception because of the pope's recent statement on Christmas. Pope Francis has called having Christmas this year a charade. He says there are too many wars in the world now to be celebrating Christmas. I beg to differ. Here are my reasons. 1.  We didn't give up … [Read more...]

The Money Talk: Discussing the Financial State of Your Union

No matter how new or old a relationship is, there is going to be one topic that constantly trips you up and causes tension (sometimes very little, and sometimes a whole lot), and that is money. Or more specifically the state of your finances and how you handle them. Now many people know that this is going to be an emotional conversation that is … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways To Have a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

Sugared Fruit Centerpiece

We love Thanksgiving for time with family and friends. We love the food too! Here are the top 10 posts of tips and recipes for Thanksgiving dinner on Square Pennies. Whether you like simple food or gourmet fare there are plenty of choices here. Pick some that work for you! Click on the red text to get to the original post with more … [Read more...]

Deal Alert: Sierra Trading Post Drastic Clearance

I rarely post deal alerts, but this one is amazing. Sierra Trading Post (no affiliation) has taken an extra 55% off the already reduced prices in their clearance section. There are some great deals starting at just 18 cents. I love all the upscale brands at Walmart prices! There are many items listed at 95% off the original store … [Read more...]

Does a Particular Person Make You Spend More?

It's so easy to see the spending faults of others. When we see it in ourselves it hurts! It happened to me. Recently I noticed a pattern in my spending that took me aback. I thought I had identified all the ways I could be tempted to spend unwisely. I had it under control. I was satisfied that I had planned for every possibility. Oh so … [Read more...]

Get Target Gift Cards for Your Old Clothes

Target stores are now allowing you to bring in your old clothes to get Target gift cards. Should you do it? Maybe, maybe not. Target is partnering with ThredUp to make it easy for you to get some extra cash for the holidays. Bring in your unwanted clothing (we all have it!) to your nearest Target store to participate. You can bring … [Read more...]

5 Halloween Treats that Are Just a Little Bit Scary

Easy Witch Brooms

I'm not a fan of the super scary stuff for Halloween. I like Halloween to be mainly fun with a just a bit of scary around the edges. No zombies for me! Here are some Halloween treats that are fun with just a hint of scary. They make great surprises for family, friends, scouts, etc. 1.  Peeking Monster Cupcakes Have fun making these … [Read more...]