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Just a note. If you were waiting to buy insulated drapes when they went on sale, now is insulated curtainsthe time to look for them. If next winter is anything like our past winter, you can save a bundle with these. And if they are on sale it’s even better!

Of course insulated drapes or curtains keep the heat out in the summer too. You can close them when you go to work and open them when you get home if you like.

Click here for 5 Tips to Save At Least $700-800 Every Year. It includes using insulated drapes. Now who couldn’t use an extra chunk of money year after year this way? Plus it’s pretty darn easy.

I often see insulated drapes and curtains at a good discount on SierraTradingPost.com (no affiliation), but brick and mortar stores have them too.

Hope you all had a good holiday with family and friends. We are still enjoying our visit with our sweet granddaughter. Joy at every turn!