How to Live Comfortably with a Budget

You probably know from experience, too many times saving money is neither fun nor easy. It takes a lot of effort and energy to keep your savings growing. And some days it can be downright painful! Yet there are some ways to save money and still enjoy life. With these tips you might not even feel the strain. Set Your Priorities Is the shopping … [Read more...]

College Money for Free? It’s Possible!

Can you get college money for free? Actually yes, if you ask for it! More college students are asking for it on sites like GoFundMe. You make a case for your education and wait for contributions. The money usually is donated in small amounts, but it can add up to a few thousand dollars. Yes, you probably won't be able to fund your entire … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons I Trust Frugality More than the Stock Market

The roller coaster of the stock market lately has me extra grateful. I'm so glad I don't give investment advice! I could never forgive myself if someone lost money based on my advice. What I do know is that being frugal never is a risk. It's just being smart with how you spend and save and live. Living below your means frees up money … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Hanging Colander Lamp for $20

DIY Kitchen Light for $20!

Can't afford new lighting for your kitchen? Maybe you can. Make this modern stainless steel hanging lamp for about $20 I love this style and I think it would work well over a kitchen island, eating table, or sink. All it takes is an attractive colander and a lighting kit. The colander used here is from IKEA, but you can probably … [Read more...]

Easy Tiki Party Decorations and Fun Foods

DIY Custom Streamers

I love a good tiki party this time of year. It just seems like the perfect way to celebrate summer and go a little crazy before we get back to the Fall routine. You can throw a great party with inexpensive luau recipes and decorations! Here are some ideas for a fun, affordable luau. Carve a Watermelon Tiki Head This looks awesome with a … [Read more...]

$30 of Free Back to School Clothes at

Sweater with Schoola Tag

GET THIS DEAL WHILE THE COUPON CODE STILL WORKS! UPDATE:  The code BACKTOSCHOOLA is still working! You can get $30 worth of free clothes if it's your first purchase there. Here's how this deal works. New customers get $15 free and today they are having a 50% off sale if you use the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA. It also gives you free … [Read more...]

How to Check Amazon Sale Prices to Get Your Best Deal

SPECIAL SALE! BLOWOUT SALE! LABOR DAY SALE! PRESIDENT'S DAY SALE! How can you tell if Amazon's sale prices are better than they offer at other times? Easy. Just use a price tracker like Camel Camel Camel to see. That web site shows the prices of most Amazon items for the past year or more. You can then decide if it's a good enough deal … [Read more...]