$30 of Free Back to School Clothes at Schoola.com

Free Clothes for Women and Kids

GWT THIS DEAL WHILE THE COUPON CODE STILL WORKS! UPDATE:  The code BACKTOSCHOOLA is still working! You can get $30 worth of free clothes if it's your first purchase there. Here's how this deal works. New customers get $15 free and today they are having a 50% off sale if you use the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA. It also gives you free shipping. … [Read more...]

How to Check Amazon Sale Prices to Get Your Best Deal

  How can you tell if Amazon's sale prices are better than they offer at other times? Easy. Just use a price tracker like Camel Camel Camel to see. That web site shows the prices of most Amazon items for the past year or more. You can then decide if it's a good enough deal for you to buy now or if it's smarter to wait for a better … [Read more...]

Amazon “Prime Day” to Rival Black Friday Sales? Not So Much.

Well, this sale seems to have been not that great--more like a summer sidewalk sale than  great deals. I hope you used Camel Camel Camel to check prices. Too often the discount was not much. Amazon, are you listening? If you are going to hype a sale so much, better make it worthwhile. To get a few laughs out of it, check out the #PrimeDayFail at … [Read more...]

(expired) Deal Alert: Udemy Online Courses for $10

Update:  this deal has expired, but if you follow Udemy on Facebook you will see sales from them every so often. Udemy offers online courses that usually cost $65-500. Now through June 30th, 2015 you can pick as many of these classes you like for just $10 each. That's a great deal! Udemy offers all sorts of courses from health and fitness … [Read more...]

Top Fourth of July Ideas and Recipes!

Firecracker Jello Shots!

  Linked at the bottom of this post are my favorite recipes and ideas for an easy, fun 4th of July. Watch the fireworks, throw water balloons, eat watermelon. Be a kid again for a while! Click here for all my posts about the 4th of July--including the directions for making Firecracker Jello Shots!   … [Read more...]

How To Get a University Degree for Free (Really)

Free Clothes!

Yes, you can. The catch? You have to go to Germany to get it. You might want to encourage your teens to learn German in case they can take their degree in Germany. Besides the cost of travel and living expenses, costs are zero. If your teen saves money from summer jobs it could really help with living expenses abroad. They can cut their … [Read more...]

Ideas to Make Preppy Elements Work for Your Wardrobe

Preppy Style

You've probably seen the preppy look. It's been around for decades. Does the preppy look work in a frugal wardrobe? Yes and no. Here's the good, the bad, and the crossovers to a frugal wardrobe. The American Preppy Look Decoded The preppy look can be easy to put together. Just combine pretty much any of these elements: the … [Read more...]