Why Square Pennies?

My personal belief is that even in difficult times, we can make a beautiful life for ourselves and our families.

Square Pennies

Raising four great kids taught me that many small actions can add up to a rich and rewarding family life with benefits that continue on into their adult lives.


I’ve been asked several times about the name of this blog. First of all, most people don’t think pennies matter that much. They won’t pick one up on the street. The mint might even stop making them as they cost more to make than one cent each!

To me, pennies are a symbol of all the little things that add up to a lot. I like saving money for all the things I really want to do. Because we’ve made a practice of saving on all sorts of things, little and big, we’ve been able to put our 4 kids through college. We’ve had a great quality of life, even with a few luxuries. All because we were careful with our money. The small things put together make something big.

When I was growing up something that was not cool was called “square.” As an adult I know that being cool is not a good thing. It keeps you from thinking creatively and from being open to other people. So being square is a good thing.

If you have square coins they fit together better than round coins and look more like building blocks. And my husband and I have always been determined to build something valuable in our family. I learned that from my mom: you have to be determined to make something good happen.

I learned a lot of ways to get the most for my money and for my time from my mother also. She came from real poverty and made a good life for herself. She was the daughter of  a tenant farmer during the Great Depression. She taught herself many skills to create a good quality of life for her family.continue to be inspired by her and, in my small way, I’m passing on her knowledge and attitude.  Click here for some of the things my parents taught me about money and life. They were amazing people who taught me so much.

One more thing. I was forced to watch way too many episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants with my grandson. I think that subliminally influenced my brain to pick the name Square Pennies! Square Pennies is the name I started this blog with and it’s the one I’ll keep going with. I hope we have some fun along the way! Life is an adventure!

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Oh, yes, I’m also a cancer survivor:  Surviving Cancer Has Its Benefits.

My mottoes to live by:

1.  Do the best you can, when you can, where you can.

2.  When in doubt, choose love.