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It’s Time to Spend Your Money on Smart Purchases

Let’s face it, we work hard for our money, so it’s sad when you try and do all the right things with finances but there still doesn’t seem to be much left after you pay the mortgage, utilities, car, let alone food and gas, with hope of having a little left for spending.  It can be easy to go on a shopping spree and build up the credit card debt, but that can take years of getting out of, so instead of blowing money on unnecessary items, it’s time to spend your hard-earned money on something good.  Take a look a few smart purchases that you could make that not only could be doing yourself, but also your bank account some good to help with a positive balance in the long run.

Programmable Coffee Pot

Now you may be wondering why this could be on the list, so we’ll start with the simplest, and the cheapest.  How many times do you stop for coffee on the way to work in a given week, or month?  Sure, it’s only a few dollars a cup, but let’s say you go every day, and throw in breakfast a few times, that could be a hundred dollars a month.  If you buy a programmable coffee maker for $20, you can prep and set the timer to be finished brewing in the morning and grab for the road just as you are about to walk out the door.

Upgrade Your Suit

This may give you some initial startup costs, if you will, but it’s a purchase that you can keep for years, provided styles and your size doesn’t change much.  It’s something you may only wear a couple times a year, from weddings to funerals, but it’s also good to have on hand for a job interview that could give you the best impression for a new venture in your career.  While yes it may be costly, but like any big purchase, keep an eye out for coupons and sales.

Time for a New Laptop

Technology changes so fast and prices seem to be standing still when it comes to state of the art TV’s and laptops, so it’s about time to upgrade your laptop if it’s been a few years since you have purchased.  Today, laptops can boot up in a matter of seconds and you can perform many functions at once, something nice for those that work from home and also have a second business venture that you can work on at the same time.  Laptops being lightweight and compact are now great for taking along to be able to work in the car and on the airplane.

A Break is Good

You know we can save every penny and work hard throughout the year, but to me, life experiences are still important, so you need to invest in yourself a little to break up the monotony of everyday life.  Keep a look out for travel deals, especially if you are flexible in your dates, you can escape the approaching winter weather and head south to the warm, where you can give your mind and body a much-needed vacation.  If you can avoid traveling on say Thursday to Sunday, and can go during the week or even Saturday to Tuesday, you can find cheaper air and hotel rates.

Limit the Water Bottles

Sort of along the same lines as coffee, what is the matter if you are paying $5 for a case of water?  Well that is better than spending $3 on a bottle of water from the gas station or vending machine, so at least if you are buying a case you are saving money, especially if you are refiling throughout the day, I can’t complain much.  You could take it a step further and get a filtered water bottle and then you can refill with tap water if you were previously worried about water at different sources.

A Slow Cooker

Going grocery shopping is a great way to save hundreds of dollars a month compared to going out to eat, but the trick is, you actually need to prepare the meals at home in order to avoid the temptation of just ordering takeout.  If you purchase a slow cooker for say around $40, you can throw the ingredients in there before you go to work, set the timer on low, and dinner will be ready by the time you walk in from work, not to mention your house will smell great of homecooked meals in the meantime.

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