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Here Comes the Sun!

My sweet grandson was anxious to show me something.

Prairie Sunflower

He called, “Come on, come on” to me as he ran down the hall to his sister’s room. He took me to the window, lifted the curtain and said, “Sun. Sun, Grandma!” Since it was totally dark outside I didn’t catch on for a bit. Then I realized that window faced east. He was showing me where the sun would appear in the morning. A great treasure. I felt pretty special that he wanted to share that magical place with me.

The sun is spending more time with those of us in the northern hemisphere. It renews our spirit.

We eagerly spend more time outdoors and think seriously about digging in the dirt. Plans to change things in the yard seem very doable. Having someone over for coffee outside sounds perfect. Taking a walk was never more inviting.

Spring beckons us out of our winter cocoons and we are ready to fly! I hope you are enjoying these days of early Spring. Do you have plans or are you just enjoying the sun?

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