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Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments: 20-Minute Project with the Kids

Here’s a quick project to do with the kids.  Paint their thumb and press it onto an ornament.  Then just paint in the rest for a cute reindeer.  The photo shows several  reindeer on the same ornament, but I think I’d like them spaced out a bit more.  Very cute and a great gift for grandma or teacher!

Click here to link to tutorial at LittleBitFunky.
The tutorial there is very good and I like her hint to use an ornament with a matte finish to make the reindeer show up better.

Justin Weinger :

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  • That is pretty neat! Looks nice too! My kid is too young and I'm most certain he'll break the ornament, but will keep this in mind for the next Christmas!

  • Money Cone, I hope it works out for you. I'm not sure how this would look on a plastic ornament. Lots of fun anyway.

    If I had a newborn I think I'd like a footprint on an ornament even if it didn't look like anything but a footprint. So precious!

  • I must forward this one to my wife for the kids. My daughter loved making hand print turkey's shes going to love this one.

  • I did this with my three yr old, one year old, and eight month old this year. We painted their thumbs and pressed them in the ornament and I did everything else. We did it ad gifts for grandma and godmom.

  • Penny, that's just wonderful. What a great gift for a godmom too! These will be treasured for many years! Thanks for taking the time to comment!