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Easy DIY Kubb Game Set for Outdoor Fun

Looking for a new lawn game? Kubb is a fun lawn game that has been keeping people entertained in Sweden for thousands of years!

DIY Koob Game

Invite your friends over and learn together. Once they play it they’ll want to include it in all your get-togethers!

Pronounced “Koob” it is something like horseshoes, but some call it Swedish chess. You first knock out all your opponents “men” and then you try to take down their “king.” Taunting seems to be part of the fun along with your favorite beverage.

Kubb is an outdoor game for adults and older kids for 2-12 players. It’s cheap & easy to make your own set (see link at bottom of post.) You can paint them in creative ways to make a gift set or just for your own use.

You can paint the “King” anyway you like. A simple crown will do or you can get more creative. Some people paint the tops of the smaller “men” with white paint so they will show up better when it starts to get dark. Yes, they are that addicted to the game. Some even play it in the snow!

Click here for the rules and good diagrams on how to play Kubb.  It’s the favorite yard game of Jon Dyer who says it’s great for at the beach also.

Supposedly Kubb sets cost around $50 at a store, but it’s much cheaper and more fun to make. You only need to be able to cut the wood into the needed lengths. You might even be able to get someone at the hardware store to make the cuts for you for free if you’re buying the wood there.

You might be able to make a set using water bottles with some water in them. The “king” could be a 2-liter pop bottle with some water in it. I guess the throwing sticks could be water bottles with some water in too. You’ll have to try out different amounts of water to see what works best. Then mark the side of the bottles with a Sharpie so you’ll know how much water to put in next time.

Click here for a tutorial at Instructables with good instructions for making a Kubb set with wood.

A fun game to add to a family reunion or outdoor get-together. Fourth of July maybe?

Justin Weinger :