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15 Top Sites For Entrepreneurship, Financial and Business Trends

Intrigued by entrepreneurship? Looking for a quick and efficient way to keep up with developments in the economy? Searching for financing to start your own business? According to Wired magazine, there are only a few sites/blogs/twitter feeds to check to know what’s going on in the world of money. That includes everything from micro-lending to macro-economics.

Wired says,

These are the best reporters, writers, and thinkers on the Internet–people who understand what’s happening.

I’m not familiar with all of these, but I’m intrigued. There’s even one that puts you in contact with California venture capitalists. You can see where the buzz is for start-ups out there. You may get inspired for a side business to make a little extra money. Or you might become an entrepreneur with the financial backing of a venture capitalist.

Here is the short list: (list with more detailed descriptions available here)


1.  Calculated Risk–housing, banking, macro-economics

2.  Ben Horowitz–starting and running a business

3.  Marginal Revolution–why businesses do what they do

4.  Monetary Realism–macro-economics

5.  Money Box–Slate’s Matt Iglesias on a variety of topics

6.  Naked Capitalism–various kinds of corruption impacting the economy

7.  Seeking Alpha–stock market analysis with daily updates of business news

8. Term Sheet–at Fortune magazine; venture capital news and analysis of business moves


9.  Dave Birch–comments on the trend to digital payments

10. Peter Kafka–reporter with his finger on the pulse of new media

11. Om Malik–technology trends

12. Felix Salmon–easy-to-understand commentary on economic trends


13. Planet Money–NPR breaks down difficult topics for better understanding


14.  Andrew Chen–media trends and advice for start-ups


15.  AngelList–entrepreneurship heaven

From Wired:

If you want to see where technology is headed tomorrow, follow the collective pool of money that powers it today. AngelList offers a daily glimpse of the ideas and people attracting attention and cash. Founder Naval Ravikant has been helping startups find alternative routes through the venture capital industry since he first began publishing what he refers to as venture hacks—the tricks and traps he discovered over years spent as a repeat Silicon Valley entrepreneur. At AngelList he’s assembled a community of like-minded dreamers looking to match their ideas with interested investors. The result is a feed of promising startup companies that is read by every angel in the Valley.


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