Halloween Spider Crafts, Decor, and Treats to Make as Scary as You Like

For Halloween do you like creepy spiders or cute spiders? Maybe a little bit of both! Here are some cute ways to include spiders in your Halloween decor and treats.  All are easy and add to your Halloween fun. You can make them as creepy as you like by the colors you choose and how big you make them.

Spider Ball!

At Family Crafts is a tutorial for making spider web orbs from string or yarn glued to balloons.  When the string is dry, pop the balloon. I’d think white string would look less scary than black yarn.  Add plastic spiders in any color you like.  You can add some fake spider web from the dollar store to make it look more creepy. Kids can easily make these with a little supervision.

Halloween Spider Pops

I love these creepy spider pops.  Use Tootsie Roll pops for the abdomen and add pipe cleaners for legs. Pipe cleaners are not safe for young children, so use your judgment about who you give these to and take away the “legs” after they unwrap the pop. They make very cute decorations as well. Any color Tootsie Pop looks good as an abdomen. The color somehow adds to the venomous look, in my opinion. Any pops you don’t use for spiders you can give out with your treats.

Spider Web Decorated Cookies

Sweetopia shows how to make a spider web decorated cookie. You can use this same idea for a cupcake if you like. I think orange or white icing as a background color looks more cute and that purple or chartreuse green icing  gives a more scary look. You can add a plastic spider if you wash it well first. Small candies like M&M’s or Skittles can be used for the spiders also. I’m thinking these cookies would be great if your kids don’t like to eat an entire cupcake.

My favorite:  black licorice spiders!  From the Apron Strings blog:  “For the spider, just cut some spider “legs” and bundle them together and tie with a long licorice strand.”  You’ll need to find some black rope licorice, but you could possibly make some red spiders if you can only find the red rope licorice. To make the drink, dip the rim of the glass in light corn syrup and then sprinkle on black, purple, or green sanding sugar.  Fill glass with any orange drink. The kids will end up with sugary mustaches probably, but it’s a fun sweet treat.

Easy Halloween Wreath

Make an easy cheap spider web wreath for your front door. Tater Tots and Jello blog shows how to make this with a black t-shirt from the dollar store for about $4. You can use a black plastic trash bag to make it even cheaper.  Just cut the bag into rectangles and tie them onto a coat hanger bent into a wreath shape. Make the glittery web (optional) by spreading school glue onto waxed paper and then dusting with glitter. I love the white spider on the wreath; I wonder if it glows in the dark?  Hehe. You can add a more friendly looking spider if you like. Check the dollar store for some cheap ones. I like the trash bag version because it will not droop in the rain the way the cloth would from the t-shirt. The trash bag wreath plus the bought spider  might cost you a grand total of just about a dollar. Even less if you already have a spider to use.

Pumpkins with Bling

By the way, you can use one of those glittery spider webs on a window or  even make it on a pumpkin instead of carving it. The kids might like making these.  Have fun!


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    Hey, MC. For the drink you can use a little light corn syrup and some black sanding sugar. Any orange drink will do. I can just see the kids after drinking these!


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