Organize Your Wallet to Save Money, Time, and Stress

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George’s wallet was so full that he was getting chronic backache?  He said it was his personal filing system.  Don’t be George.  Get organized instead!

There are some good ideas in this article at The Simple Dollar like keeping a photo of your money goal next to your credit cards.  He also tells you how to combine rewards cards into one card so you don’t have so many straining the seams of your wallet. 

I’m not so sure about keeping your password list in your wallet.  If your wallet is lost or stolen you could be putting too much in jeopardy.  I’d put my passwords in a file on my computer.

I don’t agree with getting rid of all but two of your credit cards. I’d say that 3 is probably enough, but if you have a real spending problem with plastic, then you might rethink it. You have to consider what canceling credit cards does to your FICO score too. Usually canceling the older cards brings your score down while canceling newer ones not so much.

I like the idea of cleaning out your wallet once a week. I try to do that with my purse too. Otherwise it gets to be chaos in there! Sometimes while I’m stuck in traffic I start cleaning out my purse. I have a trash bag in my car, so it’s easy to do. A cleaned out purse & organized wallet brings a little bit of peace of mind!

Another idea:  If you have any gift cards in your wallet you can use a Sharpie permanent marker to write on it what the remaining balance is.   Any coupons that you want to use that week can be wrapped around your credit card so you don’t forget.  Of course it you have a lot of coupons you’ll want to use a separate envelope. 

How do you keep your wallet and/or handbag organized?  What works best for you?

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